At present, , the most successful watch website on the world, once selected Omega's Speedmaster as a watch that must be owned in this life. In my daily life, there are always many times that remind me of me and I have a Omega didn't buy it. When you came back from Japan, when you watched "First man", when you went to the replayed 007, if you like the watch, you will pay attention to what kind of watch your friends wear. I will find that the presence of omega is extremely strong and I feel strongly that I have to join. In addition, the world's most powerful replica watches website as far as I know, their website has a 1:1 cone omega, you can also contact them to understand.

So this time I gave five reasons why I think you should wear Omega.

1: Because Omega has Speedmaster

I posted a poster on my bedside with 60 Speedmasters released from 1957 to the present. It is like the Ferrari F40 when I was in school. It is used to remind you that you still have this achievement in your life want to carry out. The generation born in the 1980s should have had a yearning for space, and Speedmaster is one of the few antiques that can go straight to that era today. It is not just because of watches.

2: It can be laid down to earn, but it does not

Most of the brands that have climbed to the Omega position are now earning their lie. They change the color of the previous style or take the best-selling style to make some minor repairs, and then tell others that this is the latest style, but Omega still insists on research. Watchmaking creates new technology, which really makes me respect them.

3: It has many, many vintage watches

There were two masters who had retired from Omega and Rolex to chat in front of me. Even the Rolex masters admitted that the movement of Omega in the 1950s was a masterpiece, and they could let the dead and the head cherish each other. How good. Omega left a lot of great or fun vintage watches before the 1970s.

4: It has the Olympics, 007, and George Clooney

This concept was invented by Omega in the 1990s. Before that, the watch world was still stupid and didn't know how good the stars were. Some people may think that celebrity endorsement is just an advertisement, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the watch, but it is undeniable that when you see Daniel Craig and George Cloone wearing omega, it is really exciting, and you will see the 2020 Tokyo Olympics immediately. To come, there will definitely be more omega launches.

5: It has the look of a 21st century premium brand.

Social media and e-commerce are the most popular marketing models. Omega is also very good. The limited edition, unmanned stores and younger products on the Internet are all well-made. For mainstream brands. It is more visible to people's future.